"Greening the City" 16 January to 11 July 2021 at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum


Can GREEN in architecture improve the climate in cities, reduce heat generation, lower the release of fine dust particles, and increase people‘s well-being? It’s time to develop architecture with regard to green spaces, to upgrade urban spaces, and to consider GREEN not just in terms of ecological aspects.

Vogelhäuschen © Deutsches ArchitekturmuseumPREISTRÄGER  Bosco Verticale, Mailand Architekten: Boeri Studio Bauherr: Hines Italia SGR S.p.A. © Foto: Paolo Rosselli

The exhibition addresses the advantages and challenges of urban GREEN — especially the greening of houses and roofs in existing and new buildings. In addition to the science involved, the exhibition also focuses on the technical opportunities and practical issues. Successful green buildings from Düsseldorf to Milan and Singapore will be on show alongside tried-and-tested systems and completely new developments.

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