"ADAPTIVE ARCHITECTURE. BUILDING UPON THE EXISTING" 16 Septembre to 15 January 2023 at the DAM Ostend


Transforming, adapting, repurposing – existing building stock offers a multitude of opportunities for future-oriented architectural solutions. The Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) on Schaumainkai in Frankfurt am Main has been undergoing its own remodeling and renovation since October 2021. In the interim, exhibitions and events will be held at DAM OSTEND, within a former office complex on Danziger Platz, next to the Ostbahnhof. The exhibition ADAPTIVE ARCHITECTURE – BUILDING UPON THE EXISTING takes this opportunity to devote itself to a selection of contemporary international designs displaying the possibilities of versatile transformations and new uses of embodied architectural heritage.

By respecting the existing building stock, architecture can make a much-needed contribution to sustainability – after all, 40 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to the building industry. Even though conversion and upgrading already account for two-thirds of construction work in Germany, the architectural and ecological potential of retrofitting and repurposing is far from being exhausted. Demolition and new construction are often still the default answers when dealing with structures where design and space no longer appear to meet modern standards, the current market situation or efficient and economical usage. The values, resources and ‘grey energy’ embodied in buildings since their construction often go unnoticed.

Henschelstraße 18
60314 Frankfurt am Main

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