• Kammeroper Frankfurt e.V.

    The synonym for "opera of another type" - a large music theatre in small format.

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  • Paradiesmedial

    "Paradiesmedial" is a new platform from Frankfurt via which free theatre productions can be presented - to their public, to promoters and to potential financing and cooperation partners.

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  • Patricia Leinhos

    Patricia Leinhos, producer, choreographer and performer, experiments in her dance productions with the reduction, isolation and variation of the prevailing aesthetic material.

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  • red park

    The performance collective red park arose in 2002 to do away with the theatre's orderly rows of seats, inspire movement among the audience and open up new perspectives.

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  • Rezi Babbel

    A piece of old Frankfurt comes to life with Rezi Babbel, the Frankfurt dialect recitation theatre: in humorous and entertaining style, poems, stories and anecdotes from 19th and early 20th century Frankfurt are the highlights.

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  • te.AtrumVII

    Experimenting with language, movement, music, space, sounds and the use of modern media are the key principals of productions by te.Atrum VII.

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  • TextXTND

    With great excellence, textXTND moves within the areas of theory, contemporary art and pop avantgarde.

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  • Theater Anton Le Goff

    Anton le Goff delights in seeking himself, the senselessness of life, a woman or other recondite things.

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  • Theater be

    The Frankfurt artist Barbara Englert is known as the performer of leading womens' roles of various temperaments: Jean d'Orleans, Klymtaemnestra and, from modern times, Petra Kelly.

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  • theaterperipherie

    A strong concept enables the young ensemble to attract a new public to the theatre.

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