Ensemble 9. November


Text, music, dancing, visual arts and choreographed performance are harmonized to an overall work of art in every production.

Ensemble 9. November has performed in Frankfurt am Main since 1988. It emerged from an artists’ initiative that made its name with the project on a women’s orchestra in Auschwitz. Helen Körte and Dr. Wilfried Fiebig direct today’s ensemble. Not only are they highly successful with their productions in Frankfurt, but they also stage guest performances in Germany and abroad and are represented at international festivals.

Recently Ensemble9. November has also produced creative children’s plays that have their premiere prior to Christmas in Gallus Theater.

Theaterensemble 9.November
Weberstraße 32
60318 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon +49 (0) 69 552603
Fax 49 69 552603