Bockenheimer Theaterensemble

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It is the sheer enjoyment of playing. Playing roles. Changing roles. Transformation. The language of movement and the movement of the language. And thereby experiencing completely new challenges and learning new sides of oneself.
For these and many other reasons the members of the "Bockenheimer Theaterensemble" present amateur theatre, and with more than thirty productions in three decades they have established a name way beyond Frankfurt.
The group has already presented guest performances at the night foyer of "Schauspiel" with Anouilh's "Antigone", at the Bockenheimer Depot with Ionesco's "The Bare Songstress", Max Frisch's "Andorra" and Becket's "Endspiel" and several times at the Hanau International Amateur Theatre Days. In recent years performances have been frequently held at the Intercultural Stage in the district of Bornheim.

Bockenheimer Theaterensemble e.V.
Hansaallee 158
60320 Frankfurt am Main