Stalburg Theatre


Theatre lovers from all city districts flock to Frankfurt’s Nordend to the Stalburg Theater – in the former dance hall of a traditional applewine inn an entertaining evening of theatre, cabaret or music is presented almost daily.

The Stalburg Theater was founded in 1998 by Michael Herl and since then is at home in the former dance hall of a traditional applewine inn in Frankfurt’s Nordend. Cabaret, theatre, jazz, chansons and classical music are on the bill; a performance is staged almost daily.

In the year 2001 the Stalburg Theater set up an ensemble, which now presents the major part of the programme with own productions.

Artists appearing regularly include: the U-Bahn ticket checkers in deep-frozen women’s clothes, Frank Wolff, Sabine Fischmann, Ali Neander, Markus Neumeyer, Anselm Wild, Pit Knorr, Cornelia Niemann, Kollek, Jürgen Picard, Jo van Nelsen, Ingrid El Sigai, Monica Ries, Doris Lerche, Günter Bozem, Claus von Wagner, Mathias Tretter, F.W. Bernstein, Dieter Thomas & Hendrike von Sydow, Thorsten Larbig, Matthias Keller.

Each summer the Stalburg Theater presents “Stoffel”, an open-air festival in Frankfurt Günthersbergpark with theatre, cabaret, readings, music and performances for children.

Stalburg Theater
Glauburgstraße 80
60318 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon +49 (0) 69 25627744