Scream Factory

The Scream Factory, Institute of Performing Arts has set itself the goal of countering the inadequate training situation in the vocal sector by an institution that sets new dimensions by innovative and analytical training themes and methods, a team of experienced music professionals and educationalists, intensive contacts to the music industry and by the future-oriented use of media.



The following sectors and training keynotes form the core of the Scream Factory's training concept. 

 - Singing (vocal training, repertoire, rhythm training, musical theory, improvisation, microphone and studio technique, stage performance, interpretation etc.)

  - Dance & performance (modern dance courses, choreography, show concepts etc.)

  - Voice (voice and speech training, rhetoric, interview training, commentary technique, synchronization, public speaking, gesticulatory reading etc.)


Offered are training programs for amateurs, semi-professionals and professionals. The Scream Factory also organizes regular workshops and seminars on the aforementioned themes.

Scream Agency is the in-house agency of Scream Factory, which manages artists and acts as intermediary between them and the music industry/media.

Scream Factory - Institute of Performing Arts
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