Musikschule Frankfurt am Main e.V.

The Music School's objective is to inspire children, young people and adults to play their own music. The active and stimulating occupation with music consolidates and strengthens the personality in the long term and gives a new perspective to life and leisure. In this time of rapid consumption and media inundation, learning and practising a musical instrument open up completely new worlds of experience (e.g. that effort and inclination positively harmonize). Qualified teachers foster the development of personal talents and ideas and together with young and older pupils jointly put together a "tailor-made" curriculum. Learning and communally playing music in the music school also offers numerous possibilities for human communication via music. At 75 general schools and 25 kindergartens throughout the City the Music School offers a comprehensive program.

The Music School sees its teaching goal as providing fundamental music education and training for children, young people and adult by basic universal musical-pedagogic work, as well as the individual support of particularly talented pupils.

Programs offered range from parent-child courses for the very young, through to musical early training and fundamental musical training (also for adults), instrument instruction for all instruments, courses for the handicapped, chamber music and rock groups, symphonic brass orchestra to performing arts.

Naturally, an active music school life also includes numerous events (concerts, music school festivals, workshops, leisure programs, introductory weeks etc.). The Events Calendar provides further details.


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Musikschule Frankfurt am Main e.V.
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