Musikmobil Frankfurt – Music on Wheels


The Musikmobil Frankfurt is an articulated lorry almost 18 metres in length, with a semi-trailer unit that can be extended out like a cabinet drawer to form a room that can accommodate up to 20 students - a kind of rolling music classroom. The Musikmobil carries a collection of different instruments on board (plucked and bowed string, brass, woodwind, keyboard, and percussion instruments) for children to try out and get to know under suitable direction. The aim is to bring young people into contact with these instruments, to inspire them to produce their own music, and to encourage them to learn to play an instrument themselves.

The Musikmobil project is promoted by the trusts "Dr. Marschner Stiftung" and "Frankfurter Bürgerstiftung" (in the Holzhausenschlößchen), in cooperation with the Musikschule Frankfurt (Frankfurt School of Music), the Verein der Freunde und Förderer der Musikschule Frankfurt (Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Frankfurt School of Music), the Staatliches Schulamt für die Stadt Frankfurt am Main (Hesse state education authority for the city of Frankfurt) and the Dezernat für Bildung und Frauen of the city of Frankfurt (Department of Education and Women's Affairs).

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