International Conductor Competition Sir Georg Solti

Year of foundation: 2002

Sector: Eligible to participate are conductors between 19 and 35 years.

Award rotation: every two years.

Award Committee:
The Sir Georg Solti International Conducting Competition, a joint project between the Alte Oper Frankfurt, the Frankfurter Museums-Gesellschaft e.V., the Hessische Rundfunk and Oper Frankfurt is supported by the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain. Lady Valerie Solti is the competition’s patroness.

Form of Award / Value:

  • 1st Prize euro 15,000
  • 2nd Prize euro 10,000
  • 3rd Prize euro 5,000

The winners of the first and second prizes will also be invited to conduct the Frankfurt Museum Orchestra, the hr Symphony Orchestra and other German and international orchestras.

Prize Winners:

Winner of the first prize 2019 is Tianyi Lu (*1990) from New Zealand. The second prize went to Gábor Hontvári (*1993) from Hungary and Johannes Zahn (*1990) from Germany. The Audience Prize was awarded to Johannes Zahn.

Valentin Uryupin
won the International Conductor Competition Sir Georg. The 31-year old from Russia was also awarded with the audience prize, an original conductor's baton of Solti (1912-1997). The second prize was awarded to Wilson Ng (27) from China, the third prize to the US-Amerikan Farkhad Khudyev (31).

Tung-Chieh Chuang
from Taiwan (32 years old) and Elias Grandy from Germany (34 years old) were both awarded the second prize. The third prize was awarded to Australian Toby Thatcher (26 years old). No first prize was awarded. For the first time in the history of the Competition, all concert goers were invited to vote on an audience prize, which by a vote of more than 59% went to Tung-Chieh Chuang. 

First prize was won by the 32 years old chinese Daye Lin. Second prize was awarded to Daniel Smith (30) from Australia and the third prize to Brandon Keith Brown (31) from the USA.

The 32 year old in Venezuela born Spanish José Luis Gómez Ríos picked up first
prize. Kevin Griffiths (32) from Great Britain received second prize, and Tito
(27) from the USA came in third place.

Winner of the first prize is the 32 year-old American Shizuo Kuwahara. The second prize goes to Eugene Tzigane (aged 26, also from the USA) and the third prize is won by Andreas Hotz from Germany (aged 27). He was the first German candidate to reach the final round of the Competition.

Winner of the first prize is the 31 year-old Korean Shi-Yeong Sung. The second prize goes to the American Shizuo Kuwahara (aged 30) and the third prize is won by Matthew Coorey (aged 32) from Australia. Thus for the first time a woman wins this internationally renowned competition.

The American James Gaffigan (aged 25) and the Bulgarian Ivo Venkov (aged 35) are both awarded the first prize in the 2. International Conductor Competition Sir Georg Solti.
Johannes Gustavsson (aged 29) of Sweden was awarded the second prize.

Tomáš Netopil
(aged 27) from the Czech Republic wins the 2nd Prize - a first prize is not awarded.
Two third prizes were awarded to Ching-Po Chiang (aged 32) from Taiwan and Rouben Gazarian (aged 31) from Armenia/Germany.

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