Hoffmann, Robin (1970)


*1970 Bielefeld

Robin Hoffmann studied composition and guitar in Essen and Frankfurt am Main, with Nicolaus A. Huber, Claus Kühnl (Composition); Michael Teuchert, Thomas Bittermann (Guitar), and Bernhard Kontarsky (Chamber Music, New Music). He produces compositions for various instrumental and vocal groups and also performs his own works. His creative work encompasses interdisciplinary collaboration with visual artists, writers, and dancers, arrangements for a number of rock bands, and experimental improvisation; most recently also in a performing capacity as speaker / sound soloist or “art whistler” (guest appearances with Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Modern, and Oper Frankfurt). His compositions have won numerous awards, such as the Folkwangpreis in 2001, the Stuttgart Composition Prize in 2005, and the Kranichstein Music Prize (Composition) in 2006.

Further information: www.robinhoffmann.de