Frankfurter Telemann-Gesellschaft e.V.

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) spent almost 10 years of his life (1712-1721) in Frankfurt am Main. As Municipal Music Director, his functions were to arrange the musical performances of ecclesiastical cantatas at the Sunday and feast day services in the City's two evangelical churches. He also wrote numerous works on political happenings, for example, the end of the Spanish War of Succession or the birth of the Hapsburg successor to the throne Archduke Leopold. In addition, he ran the Collegium Musicum, whose major weekly concerts developed into one of Germany's first series of public concerts.
The Frankfurt Telemann Society has set itself the goal of researching Telemann's Frankfurt period and the works created here and, by editions, lectures and concerts, to present them to the public. Thus it aims to address scientists, musicians and music lovers alike.

Young musical talents in Frankfurt and vicinity are particularly chosen and supported for concerts. With ca. 830 works, Frankfurt is home to the biggest collection of Telemann cantatas in the world (Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek). It is systematically analysed and researched according to various aspects. Members of the Frankfurt Telemann Society newly issue a selection of interesting works.
Furthermore, on the basis of original sources and in cooperation with related sciences, for example, history, theology, German studies, Telemann's activities in Frankfurt and the consequences of his work for the City's music life will be researched and presented to the public.

The Frankfurt Telemann Society is a corporate member of the Telemann Gesellschaft e.V. (international association) in Magdeburg and works with other Telemann societies and work-study groups.

Frankfurter Telemann-Gesellschaft e.V.
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