Alois Kottmann Award

Alois Kottmann Award for classical, melodious violin playing in conjunction with the City of Frankfurt am Main

Founder/sponsor : Alois Kottmann

Year of foundation : 2001

Branches : classical choral violin playing

Award period : annually

Award committee :
Prof. h.c. Alois Kottmann (violin)
Boris Kottmann (violin)
Margit Neubauer (chamber singer - Oper Frankfurt/Main)

Award value : € 3000
Special prizes will be awarded additionally.

Prize Winners:

Rachel Buquet (Germany)
Lee Young Kim (South Korea)
Special prizes: Tae-Keun Lee (Germany), Miryam Nothelfer (Germany), Michico Yamada (Japan)
Laudable mention: Hannah Solveij Gramß (Germany), Roberta Verna (Germany)

First prize: Elia Kaden (Germany) and Nathalie Schmalhofer (Germany)
Second prize: Hyunmi Kim (Germany/South Korea) and Anna Wiedemann (Germany)
Special prize: Nico Franz (Germany)
Laudable mention: Akiko Nakano (Japan)

Katerina Chatzinikolau (Germany/Greece), Olga Becker (Belarus)
Special prize: Katharina Licht (Germany), Julia Weissmann (Russia)
Laudable mention: Akiko Nakano (Japan)

Yu Matsuda (Japan), Theresa Sophie Reustle (Germany)
Special prize: Johanna Radoy (Germany)
Laudable mention: Christine Elisabeth Müller (Germany)

Verena Kurz and Antonia-Sophie Pechstaedt (Germany)
Spezial prizes: Yonjoo Kang (South Korea), Sofía Roldán-Cativa (Argentina) and Jeanine Thorpe (Great Britain)
Award: Lea Hausmann (Germany) 

Olga Arnakuliyeva (Ukraine), Lisa Schumann (Germany/ Japan) and Laura Zarina (Latvia)
Special prize: Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker (Germany)
Awards: Brenda Frasier (USA), Julia Weismann (Russia) and Mika Seifert (Germany/ Finland)
Laudable mention: SuJin Ann (South Corea), Verena Kurz (Germany) and Katja Pietzsch (Uzbekistan)

No first prize was awarded. 
Sponsorship awards: Jon Hess Andersen (Denmark), Stephanie Appelhans (Germany), Anna Neubert (Germany)

First prize Senta Johanna Kraemer (Germany)
Special prizes: Sascha Haberl (Germany) and Bo Xiang (China)

First prize Jayoung Jeon (South Korea)
Second prize Oleksii Semenenko (Ukraine)
Special prizes: Liv Migdal (Germany), Katja Schott (Ukraine)
Laudable mention: C. Christopher (Taiwan)

2009: Harim Chun, Célia Schann and Markus Tanneberger
A special prize was awarded to Ludwig Dürichen.

Yan Yan Chang
Special prizes: Byol Kang and Martina Trumpp.

2007: Chloé Kiffer and Istvan Horvath
Bach Award of the City of Hofheim am Taunus”: Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker.
A special prize was awarded to Rebecca Martin, a "laudable mention" to Célia Schann and Hande Özyürek.

2006: Yeo Young Yoon and Myung Eun Lee
A special prize was awarded to Zsuzsanna Czentnár,
a "laudable mention" to Bahadir Arkilic.

2005: Aya Muraki and Yoriko Muto
Special prizes were awarded to Marie-Luise Dingler and Dina Zemtsova,
"laudable mentions" to Anna Knopp and Viviane Waschbüsch.

2004: Julia-Evelyn Zis
Moreover a special prize was awarded to the violinist Almut Frenzel, a “laudable mention” to Eun-Ae Kim.

2003: Maria Azova
Special prizes, donated by the Jury, are awarded to Myung-Eun Lee, Johanna Schlüter and David Schultheiss.

2002: Ara Lee
Special prizes are awarded to the violinists Giuseppe Carotenuto, Almut Frenzel, Vivien Wald and Andrea E.-J-Kim.

2001: Bojidara Kouzmanova
Prize awarded by the jury: Patricia Gross, Vivien Wald.

In the first half of the 20. century, classical, choral violin music was the maxim of violin virtuoso and pace-setting teacher Carl Fleisch, who declared war on superficial, musically subfusc mastery.
His pupil, the outstanding interpreter Alma Moodie, taught at Dr. Hoch's Conservatory and founded the Carl Fleisch tradition in Frankfurt.
The Fleisch Pupil and Moodie assistant Marie-Louise Graef-Moench was the long-standing teacher of the Prize donator Alois Kottmann, who wishes to recall and pay tribute to artistic expression in the Frankfurt Fleisch tradition.
The Prize is culture oriented and is independent of age but nonetheless its goal is essentially to promote young talent. 

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