Museumsufer Frankfurt


The Museumsufer Frankfurt, between the Eiserne Steg (iron footbridge) and Friedensbrücke, is one of the most outstanding museum locations in Germany and Europe. It incorporates 13 museums north and south of the Main River and as many again in the nearby city centre. During the 1980s, this architechturally and spatially unique ensemble of museums, which finds no equal Germany-wide, was named "Museumsufer Frankfurt". Since then this term has functioned as the hallmark of the city’s museum landscape.

Major events such as the annual "Night of the Museums" attract numerous visitors: more than 40,000 guests of this museum festival stroll from exhibition to exhibition, from museum to museum. Frankfurt’s exhibition establishments enjoy international status: Städel Museum, Schirn Kunsthalle, the Museum of Modern Art (MMK) and the Deutsche Filmmuseum belong irrefutably to the premiere league of culture addresses of worldwide renown.

Upon the initiative of the Culture Department Frankfurt am Main 30 municipal and private museums present themsevles jointly under the umbrella brand "Museumsufer Frankfurt".