"ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE? Comparing European Theatres, Operas and Concert Halls" 24 March to 13 May 2018 at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum


What will the theatre houses of tomorrow look like? What shape will these central collective cultural meeting places take? It is not just the technical requirements and opportunities that are changing – the way performances are staged and what the public wants to see are also in flux.

Schauspiel Frankfurt © Foto: Birgit Hupfeld

The unique ensemble that forms the Schauspiel theatre and the Opera in Frankfurt shall soon be undergoing comprehensive refurbishment – 50 years after the emblematic structure with its glass foyer first opened to the public. Courses of action currently being discussed are whether to renovate or start afresh, stay in the same spot or relocate.The exhibition looks at comparable projects of the recent years, both in Germany and in Europe. These include the restoration of historical buildings as well as spectacular new structures, which in some cases constitute landmark in their respective urban setting.

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