"Making Heimat. Germany, Arrival Country" 4 March to 22 October 2017 at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum


The Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) is presenting the exhibition curated by the DAM for the German Pavilion at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 – La Biennale di Venezia along with a media review and documentation of new aspects on the topic.

Jan Schabert (günther & schabert Architekten), München Sofortprogramm Leichtbauhallen, München Innenraum Leichtbauhalle, Foto: © Michael Heinrich

With the exhibition Making Heimat. Germany, Arrival Country, the DAM is using examples from Germany’s Arrival Cities to pose for discussion a series of theses developed in collaboration with the Canadian author Doug Saunders. His book Arrival City: How the Largest Migration in History is Reshaping Our World has inspired a shift in perspective on immigrant districts— a shift that is also applicable to Germany. Although these districts are typically characterized as “problem areas,” they offer residents and new arrivals the most important prerequisites of an Arrival City: affordable housing, access to work, small-scale commercial spaces, good access to public transit, networks of immigrants from the same culture, as well as a tolerant attitude that extends to the acceptance of informal practices.

However, before any of the numerous new arrivals can become regular immigrants, there are currently thousands of refugees living in first admittance facilities and shared accommodations across Germany, especially since 2015. Using specific examples, the German Pavilion will present the architectural qualities of these buildings in an exhibition room dedicated to this particular construction task. The examples have been chosen from the database www.makingheimat.de. This growing archive of realised and under-construction refugee buildings across Germany and Europe offers a comprehensive picture of the current reality, and is an exhortation to step up and meet the dire need for affordable and high-quality residential space. Indeed, this is one of the central prerequisites for a successful integration process.

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